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Berserker and the magic armour

Since 1989, the Berserk manga series by author Kentaro Miura has been attracting fans around the world. The fantastic medieval adventures of Guts, the warrior in magical armour and his Dragonslayer sword, never cease to fascinate. Grappling with his own darkness, he is his own greatest adversary in a world of violence and merciless combat.

A cruel world of dark fantasy

In a medieval world with a hint of Renaissance, filled with magic and sorcery, a hanged corpse gives birth to a child. This child, Guts, is taken in by a mercenary who raises him harshly and abusively.

The tone is set: Berserk is dark, violent and merciless.

The title itself says it all. In English, a "berserker" is a fierce warrior who uses an avalanche of senseless violence to frighten his opponents. It's important to remember that, in reality, on battlefields throughout history, soldiers have always sought above all to survive. They prefer defence and well thought-out manoeuvres. The berserker is a very strong warrior in a high adrenaline state, who rushes at his enemies with a heavy weapon (big sword, club, axe) without worrying about defence. He's ready to fight to the death, and in many situations that's enough to rout one or more regular soldiers.

The hero's name, Guts, means "guts" in English. It therefore refers to the courage and recklessness of the central character. In fact, that's his strong point: he's afraid of nothing, always fights to the bitter end and endures all manner of suffering... and what's more, he's strong, fast, agile and highly intelligent in battle!

The story of Guts

After a troubled childhood, Guts ends up killing his adoptive father... Then a mercenary leader called Griffith challenges him and defeats him in single combat before offering him the chance to join his mercenary group, the Falcon Troop. Griffith and Guts' group then travel to the Kingdom of Midland to help defeat the Chuder Empire. But when Griffith becomes embroiled in politics in the hope of becoming king himself, and after receiving a warning from the immortal Nosferatu Zodd, Guts decides to abandon Griffith and seek his own path.

Later, the mysterious Skull Knight warns Guts that his decision has triggered the Eclipse, while his former comrades are deemed criminals. Griffith, psychologically weakened after Guts' departure, loses control of his actions and finds himself imprisoned and tortured. He even loses his Behelit, a mysterious egg-shaped fetish that opens a passage between the human and astral worlds. Guts returns to save his former companions, and in particular Casca, a female mercenary with whom he is in love.

The berserker armour

In the series, Guts has to face the Apostles. These are characters with a behelit, who use this fetish to obtain the power of the God Hand. This power allows them to transform into incredibly powerful monsters, thirsty for blood and with no regard for human life.

To get him out of a desperate situation, the witch Flora gives Guts the berserker's armour. This magical armour has the ability to transform him into a ferocious warrior with tenfold strength (Guts already has superhuman strength), to enable him to endure any pain and even to support his broken limbs. But this armour also makes him lose his mind, which can make him monstrous too. He can only use it when absolutely necessary.

What's more, he also gets the Dragonslayer, a gigantic sword that only he can wield properly. This dragon-slaying sword is so large that it can crush human opponents, and so wide at its base that it can be used as a shield.

Western influences

The story of Guts and his comrades-in-arms takes place in medieval dark fantasy Europe. Some of the monuments that serve as inspiration are Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Alcazar Castle in Segovia, Spain, the Belvedere Palace in Vienna and the Pantheon in Rome.

The character of Guts is partly based on Conan the Barbarian, the famous fantasy hero played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early days. He also takes on some of the personality traits of Max in Mad Max.

The story is also heavily influenced by Ken the Survivor, or Hokuto no Ken, which explains the level of violence.

Berserk video games

The manga, anime series and animated films have of course all been adapted into video games, whether for Dreamcast or PlayStation 4. Hidetaka Miyazaki's Souls video games are also directly inspired by Berserk.

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